By default, the deskphone's contacts have to be managed on the phone itself, so each phone would have its own contacts directory that wouldn't propagate to other phones in the company. Corporate Phone Directory serves as an alternative to that, providing an ability to upload contacts list from the HostPilotĀ® Control Panel and having it propagated to all phones via LDAP. 

Since it doesn't fit everybody's needs, Corporate Phone Directory is disabled by default but can be enabled free of charge at any time by request. Check if your phones meet the requirements listed below and contact Support to have Corporate Phone Directory enabled for your account.

Corporate Phone Directory Requirements

  • For a Yealink phone to work with the Corporate Phone Directory, it must be on the firmware version listed below or higher.
    • T40P:
    • T41P:
    • T42G:
    • T46G:
    • T48G:
    • T42S:
    • T46S:
    • T48S:
  • Polycom VVX phones must be running at least firmware 5.6.0 to have this feature enabled.

Note: Cisco SPA and Polycom IP phones do not support Corporate Phone Directory.

Import Company Contacts to HostPilot

After Company contacts directory is enabled, you can import Company Contacts with phone numbers added to them. 

Note: For company contacts, add telephone number in the Business Phone field otherwise it won't populate in LDAP queries.

Note: Users that already exist on the account will automatically propagate to the phones as contacts, there is no need to import their information manually.

Refer to this Knowledge Base article for steps on how to import in bulk via CSV file or create one-by-one Company Contacts.