Prompt Files or IVR, which comes first?

As a result of the design conversation with Contact Center Onboarding team, there should be a list of prompts to be recorded for each spot in the IVR. The next steps could be any of the following:

  • Create the prompt files. 

  • Do the recording or you might want to hire professional voice talent do the recordings. 

Any of the above are acceptable, with one caution: if the person doing the recordings is not available when new prompts are needed to update something, the result will be multiple voices in an IVR.  Best practice generally recommends someone in the customers’ organization becomes the voice of the IVR.

To record the prompts, all that is needed is a basic audio file app and a clear microphone. The basic recorder that comes with the OS is acceptable. The microphone does not need to be expensive or high-end; it just needs to be clear.  Using a laptop native mic can work, but it will likely pick up all background ambient noise (like the fan in the laptop). Best practice is a USB mic for prompt recording activities.

We recommend writing scripts for the prompts before recording them. While this represents additional prep work, the recording process is generally much smoother when the person doing the reading has a clear written script to follow.  It is perfectly acceptable to infuse the recordings with your organization’s “personality” or brand voice.

Note: different files are needed for each language.  If two languages are needed, the customer needs a menu recording in language 1 and in language 2.  The Welcome message and the language menu should be in both (or all) languages. After that, all prompts need separate files in each language.

Uploading new prompts is easy, so if the first recording session is not what you want, you can do it again.