Activities are those activities that the agents can use to track different tasks. This is a powerful reporting/monitoring tool.

Depending on the complexity of Contact Center daily routine, many or few activities could be required.

Activities are tied to agent status.

There are key statuses that the Agent Software uses:

  • Available: Ready to receive calls

  • Not Ready: This is an unavailable status triggered automatically if an agent misses a delivered call, or if needed at the beginning of their shift.

  • On Break: This is an unavailable status triggered when the agent sets their status to go on their coffee or lunch break.

  • On Call: This is automatically set by the software for the duration of a call.

  • Wrap-up: This is automatically triggered when a call ends and is active until the threshold is met or the agent sets themselves back to available.

  • Accept Internal Calls: Generally used when someone needs to be available to answer questions from co-workers, but is working on something that doesn’t allow them to take calls from queue.

  • Dialing Out: This is automatically triggered when an agent starts an outbound call from the agent software and is active for the duration of the call.

Customers can use only these activities or can create their own. Activities can apply to only specific teams, queues, or to all queues. Activities can be set to an available, unavailable, or accept internal calls status.

Using activities can be incredibly important for calculating Contact Center efficiencies, agent occupancy, etc.

For more information on creating and assigning Agent Activities, see Contact Center - Activities.