The Abandoned Calls report provides a detailed list of all calls abandoned from a queue.


  • From: Start date; can include date and time in the format 06/30/2020 09:00

  • To: End date; can include date and time in the format 06/30/2020 17:00

  • Abandon Secs: The minimum wait time to be included in the report. If this is set to 30 seconds, all calls that wait 29 seconds or less are excluded from the report.

  • Queues: A list of all queues, including queue groups, if created.

  • Include non-active queue: Adds all deleted queues to the list.

  • Send To: Emails the report in PDF format to any address entered here.


  • Origination Date: Date and time the caller reached the contact center.

  • Origination number: The caller’s phone number.

  • IVR: The IVR the caller navigated through to reach the queue. If a caller is transferred to a queue by an Agent and then abandoned, the IVR shows the original IVR that the caller used to reach the contact center.

  • Queue: The name of the queue from where the caller was abandoned.

  • Queueing Time: The time the caller entered the queue.

  • Dequeuing Time: The time the caller was abandoned from the queue.

  • Wait Time: The wait time of the caller. Calculated as the difference between the Queueing Time and the Dequeuing Time.

  • Total Calls From DID: The total amount of times this caller called the contact center during the time frame of the report.

  • Total Times Handled: The total number of calls handled by the queue during the time frame of the report. This includes calls live-answered by Agents, successful voicemails, callbacks registered, and caller who were forced-dequeued.


The CSV matches the PDF in this report.