The Call Tracking report is a detailed view of every inbound call that was answered by an Agent. It is focused on the Agent’s classification information and therefore does not contain calls that don’t reach queue or that abandon from queue. It includes callbacks.


  • From: Start date; can include date and time in the format 06/30/2020 09:00

  • To: End date; can include date and time in the format 06/30/2020 17:00

  • Teams: A list of all Teams. Selecting a Team auto-selects all Agents within that Team. Agents can be removed from the report in the Agents section.

  • Agents: A list of all Agents.

  • Include non-active Agents: Adds all deleted Agents to the list.

  • Send To: Emails report in PDF format to any address entered here.


  • ANI: (Automatic Number Identification) The caller’s phone number.

  • Date: The date of the interaction

  • IVR Name:  The name of the IVR a caller dialed into. Applies to voice calls only; emails do not utilize IVRs.

  • Queue Name: The name of the queue the interaction came from. Applies to both voice calls and emails.

  • Agent Full Name: The name of the Agent as defined by the First Name and Last Name fields in the Agent’s profile.

  • Caller Type, Subject, Subsubject, Subsubject Details, Resolution, Flagged to Supervisor, Flagged to Supervisor Reason, Claim No Account No, Provider No, Notes: Represent all the Classification section headers.

  • CallID: The Call ID is a unique identifier. Each interaction has its own CallID, and it can be used to search for call recordings.


  • The CSV file for this report is the same as the PDF. 


  • All Classifications are configured on the Classifications page of the Admin portal. There are various combinations of mandatory and non-mandatory settings. Some fields can be blank in this report if the field is not used.

  • The section headers can be customized, but any customizations do not change the column headers in this report.

  • The Flagged to Supervisor is a YES or No depending on whether the Agent selected the Flag to Supervisor checkbox in the classification window. The Flagged To Supervisor Reason is selected from a drop-down list.