The Failed Call Transfers (Inbound) report shows the details of calls that are missed by Agents. This is not reflective of Abandoned calls. Calls that are sent to Agents and missed remain in queue and are sent to the next available Agent. It is possible that a single call in queue could result in many missed calls, especially if there is an issue with an Agent’s phone or login DID.

Only voice calls from a queue are included in this report.

Each missed call is one row in this report.


  • From: Start date; can include date and time in the format 06/30/2020 09:00

  • To: End date; can include date and time in the format 06/30/2020 17:00

  • Queues: A list of all queues including queue groups, if created.

  • Include non-active queue: Adds all deleted queues to the list.

  • Send To: Emails report in PDF format to any address entered here.


  • Queueing Date: The date and time that the call entered the queue.

  • Queue: The name of the queue that the call was in.

  • ANI: The caller’s phone number.

  • Attempt Time: The time that the call was initiated to the Agent.

  • Failing Agent: The full name of the Agent that missed the call.

  • Failing Agent DID: The DID the system attempted to send the call to. This is the number that the Agent was logged into the software with.

  • Answered: Indicates whether the call was answered or abandoned.

  • Bounce Reason: This column has three pieces of information:

    1. The description of the error

    2. The Contact Center error code

    3. The SIP error code.


  • The CSV file is the same as the PDF, except for order of data and the Bounce reason, which is divided into two columns (the reason name is excluded).

  • Exit Code: The Contact Center error code.

  • SPI Response Code: The SIP code returned or created when the call failed. 


  • A red row indicates that the call was abandoned. A single call can result in only one abandoned call by many missed calls; therefore, this report can show many red rows, but there might have been few actual abandoned calls.

  • The software is not a sophisticated SIP error reporting tool. SIP traces preformed by Service Providers should still be preformed when troubleshooting call completion errors.