The Failed Call Transfers (Outbound) report shows the details of calls that are missed by Agents. This report includes both calls that fail to connect to Agents as well as calls that reach the Agent but fail to reach the end destination. With the Contact Center, outbound calls are two stages. Stage 1 is a call to the Agent’s phone. Stage 2 (made to the destination the Agent is attempting to reach) is attempted only when the call from Stage 1 is completed.


  • From: Start date; can include date and time in the format 06/30/2020 09:00

  • To: End date; can include date and time in the format 06/30/2020 17:00

  • Teams: A list of all Teams. Selecting a Team auto-selects all Agents within that Team. Agents can be removed from the report in the Agents section.

  • Agents: A list of all Agents.

  • Include non-active Agents: Adds all deleted Agents to the list.

  • Send To: Emails report in PDF format to any address entered here.


  • DialoutID: A unique identifier for the call.

  • Attempt Date: The date and time of the attempted calls. It represents the time when the Agent initiated the dial-out process.

  • Number Dialed: The end destination that the Agent attempted to connect to.

  • Failure: The stage that failed. Agent represents Stage 1 of the call to the Agent, and Destination represents the end destination that the Agent attempted to reach.

  • Agent Name: The full name of the Agent who made the outbound attempt.

  • Reason of Failing: This column has two pieces of information.

    1. The description of the error

    2. The Contact Center error code


  • The CSV file is the same as the PDF, except that the Reason of Failing is the Exit Code, the name of the reason is excluded, and Origin is a code rather than name.

  • Origin Codes:

    1. Agent

    2. External

    3. Contact Center (this happens if the Agent uses the end call button)