Outbound Details is a detailed report with essential outbound call details. It does not include calls that fail to reach the end destination. It includes Scheduled Dialouts calls but not callbacks.

Call Date: The Date and Time of the outbound call. This is the time the caller connected with the end destination.


  • From: Start date; can include date and time in the format 06/30/2020 09:00

  • To: End date; can include date and time in the format 06/30/2020 17:00

  • Teams: A list of all Teams. Selecting a Team auto-selects all Agents within that Team. Agents can be removed from the report in the Agents section.

  • Agents: A list of all Agents.

  • Include non-active Agents: Adds all deleted Agents to the list.

  • Send To: Emails report in PDF format to any address entered here.


  • Agent: The full name of the Agent who made the outbound call.

  • Destination: The number that the Agent dialed.

  • Talk Time: The time when the Agent was connected to the end destination. This time includes the time when an Agent had a call on hold.

  • Ring Time: The ring time of the leg to the end destination.

  • Total Time: The total amount of time that the Agent spent on an outbound call. It is the time between the Agent answering his or her phone and the call’s completion. Calculated from the Talk Time + Ring Time.


  • The CSV of this report matches the PDF.