Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Studio Express is an IVR Designer, a visual environment where you can design IVR applications for IVR systems. An IVR system provides full or partial automation of telephone transactions that would otherwise be performed by a live person whereas an IVR application is a set of instructions written for the voice response system that tells it how to carry out an automated transaction. Applications define the call flow and determine what callers hear and how callers respond to the system.

IVR Studio Express allows you to design IVR applications using the simple drag-and drop interface. You will select icons from the Toolbox, drag them to the Canvas, and drop them in the desired location. Arrows connecting the icons will point out the flow direction; each icon represents a Phone Business Function (BF).
After an application is designed, check it for and any warnings or errors. Once all warnings and errors are remedied, you can test the application by emulating a call to ensure that it functions as intended.

IVR Studio Express also allows you to define all Queues required for your IVR application to operate. This means once your application is complete, you can deploy your IVR implementation to a production server.

To access IVR Studio from  the Administration portal, navigate to Tools > IVR Studio or find IVR Studio tile on the Favorites page. A new tab will open in your browser with IVR Studio. Favorites