Once you sign in to the IVR Studio Express, you are presented with the user interface. The user interface is made up of five regions: Menu Bar, Navigation Pane, Design Window, IVR Explorer, and PropertiesStudio_Express

Table 1: User Interface








Title Bar

Web application name: IVR Studio Express.



  • The Menu Toolbar is comprised of four menus: IVR, Edit, Tools, and Help. Each menu consists of commands that are used to create an IVR application.


Account Name/Account Feature Package/User name

  • Account Name of the user signed in to the web application.

  • Account Feature Package assignment for the account (e.g. Silver, Gold, Platinum, Standard).

  • User name of the user signed in to the web application.


Navigation Pane

Consists of two tabs: Toolbox and Emulator



Lists all pages of your application design. If your design consists of multiple pages, a new tab appears here for each page created. Use the icons located to the right of the tabs to add, duplicate, remove, and order pages. See Section 5: Pages, for further information on working with pages.



Displays the IVR design. This is the area where most work is done in creating your IVR application. See Section 6: Canvas, for further information.


IVR Explorer

Displays the working stage of your design (e.g draft, final). See Section 7: IVR Explorer, for further information.



Consists of four tabs:

  • IVR: edit project properties such as the IVR TitleDescription, and Default Language. If you are creating a new IVR, complete all fields.

  • Page: edit the active page properties:

    • Page Name: the name for the current page (e.g. Main)

    • Description: a summary of what the page contains

  • BF: edit the selected Business Function (BF) properties; if a BF has just been added, complete the BF fields.

  • Version: indicates the current version of your IVR design.
    See Section 8: Properties, for further information on completing property fields.


Error List

Displays errors and warnings after a design is checked.