Q: What is auto-enablement and how does it work?

A: Auto-enablement is a feature of Backup for Microsoft 365 that automatically sets backup protection to any new Exchange objects (users or shared resources), SharePoint Sites, OneDrive instances, and Team Groups as they are added to the tenant.

The Auto-Enable function can be applied to any or all 3 of the backup verticals supported – Exchange, SharePoint/OneDrive, and Teams Groups and each vertical operates independently from the others.

Note: when Auto-enable is set to on, new seats may be created and therefore increase monthly recurring costs.

Q: How are seats calculated for billing?

A: A seat is any user on a tenant that meets any of the following conditions:

  • A user with a backed-up Exchange mailbox
  • A user with OneDrive backed up
  • A user that is licensed for SharePoint/Teams AND at least one SharePoint site or Teams Group is being backed up

Q: Can a customer use their own backup storage?

A: By default, the data is stored in an Azure instance maintained by the Backup product. During the service onboarding, there is an option to specify a custom Azure instance where the data can be stored.

Note: the cost of storing the data on a custom Azure instance would be the responsibility of the owner of that Azure instance.

Q: Is there a self-service portal customers can access?

A: Yes, customers may access the self-service portal at https://backup.intermedia.net

Q: Where are data centers located?

A: The data is stored in the Azure platform primarily in the US. However, the user may opt to select the location of the data such as European servers for GDPR compliance.

Q: How often is the data backed up?

A: Backup for Microsoft 365 performs up-to 6 daily snapshots.

Note: while there may be up to 6 daily snapshots, there may be cases where fewer snapshots are taken in cases of initial onboarding and excessive uploading of new files that have not yet been indexed.

Q: Is the data continuously backed up?

A: No, backups are performed as a snapshot up to 6 times daily.

Q: Are hidden folders also backed up?

A: System-level folders are backed up, but will not be visible during the onboarding folder, nor will incur a cost.

Q: How does a customer access the Self-Service Portal?

A: Customers can access the Backup for Microsoft 365 Self-Service Portal by going to https://backup.intermedia.net and using their Microsoft 365 credentials to log in. In the self-service portal, authorized users may manage their backup subscription and perform restorations (Full-Access user only)

Note: A partner-level administrator must provision access to the customer, prior to having access to the self-service portal.

Q: Is Microsoft Teams Chat data backed up?

A: Backup for Microsoft 365 does not currently backup chat data or channels within the Teams application, as Microsoft does not currently release that data to our service.

Backup for Microsoft 365 does however backup Microsoft 365 Groups data within the Microsoft Teams application. This data includes - Email in Group Mailbox, Calendar, Files, and Notebook data.

Q: Can the contents from one Exchange mailbox be restored into another user's mailbox?

A: Yes - the contents of an Exchange mailbox belonging to one user can be recovered and saved to another user's mailbox on the tenant.

Please contact support to process such a request.