Important: If you're not an account owner or technical administrator with Intermedia Unite and/or Intermedia AnyMeeting permissions you won't have access to this feature.

You can get authentication credentials for integration with Unite Extend API in HostPilotĀ® Control Panel.

To do that, navigate to HostPilot > Intermedia Unite > Apps & Integrations > Unite Extend API access.

On this page you'll have the ability to create:

You can check our Developer portal for more information on each client type.

Pass the following credentials to your development team and make sure to provide our documentation  to them.

Service Accounts

Service Accounts provide a server to server access or programmatic access to API's. To create Service Account:

  1. Click Add Account 
  2. Enter Service Account name
  3. Click Next
  4. Client ID and Secret Key will be created
  5. Make a secure copy of Secret Key as you won't be able to access it later

OAuth Client IDs

These can be used within your apps to request permission from users to access their data. To create Client ID:

  1. Click Add Client ID
  2. Enter Client ID Name
  3. Enter Redirect URI (URL where user will be sent after authorization) with https://
  4. Choose Client type:
    • Confidential: client is capable of keeping confidentiality of its credentials
    • Public: client is incapable of keeping confidentiality of its credentials
  5. Click Next to add Client ID

Important: There's a maximum of 10 entries for Service accounts and Client ID tables.