You can edit Web Server Settings below in HostPilot Control Panel > Web/FTP Server > Web Server > Settings and Permissions.

  • Allow Read Access:
    Allows browser to read documents (files) from the current directory via HTTP. Disabling this option will deny HTTP read access to the browsers. This is a good settings for the directory where you have scripts or executables without HTML statements - disabling read access to prevent script downloading, but the scripts will be still executing.

  • Allow Write Access:
    Allows or denies writing to the directory from the web via HTTP. For example, you need to have this setting enabled if you want your scripts to write data to this directory.

  • Allow Execute:
    Allows to run executables (.exe, .dll) placed in this directory. This does not affect scripts: scripts (.asp, .pl, .cfm) can run with Allow Execute setting disabled. You need to make sure that you disabled execute for the directory where you place self-extractable archive or executable files for download.

  • Allow Directory Browsing:
    Allows directory listing if no default document is specified or the specified default document does not exist.

  • Allow Default Document:
    Forces browser to load the specified default document, when present.

  • Allow Anonymous Access:
    Allows HTTP access for anonymous user to the directory. Disabling the option will cause password prompt pop-up for this directory regardless of anonymous user permissions level.

  • Require secure channel (SSL):
    Forces SSL for files in the directory. To use this option you need to install SSL certificate. If this option is enabled, files in this directory are available only via secure HTTPS connection. If files are loaded without secure connection via HTTP, the error 403,4 Forbidden - SSL required is shown.
  • Default Document:
    Read our knowledgebase article on How Do I Specify The Default Document?.

  • HTTP Custom Headers:
    Read our knowledgebase article on How Do I Implement Custom HTTP Headers?.

  • Include subdirectories:
    If this option is enabled, permission changes will be propagated to all subdirectiories.

  • Reset Default Settings for all directories:
    Default Directory Settings for all directories under \htdocs are the following:

    • Allow Read Access
    • Allow Default Document
    • Allow Anonymous access

Note: Unlike User/File Permissions permissions, which apply only to a specific user, Web Server Settings apply to all users accessing your web and FTP sites. If User/File level permissions and Web Server Settings differ for a directory, the more restrictive settings are used.

Note: Web Server Settings can only be applied to directories under \Htdocs