In August 2019, the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) adopted rules implementing two federal laws that strengthen emergency calling:  Kari’s Law and Section 506 of RAY BAUM’S Act.  Together, these laws will require multi-line telephone system (MLTS) providers and operators to streamline emergency calling and response by providing:

  • Direct Dialing of 911
  • 911 Call Notification to centralized locations
  • Dispatchable Location for MLTS


FCC rules require that enterprises comply with the requirements supporting Kari’s Law by Feb. 17, 2020.  Intermedia Unite meets these requirements by providing direct dialing of 911, and configurable Call Notification via email and SMS text messages.

FCC rules require that enterprises with fixed Multi-Line Telephone Systems (MLTS) comply with the new Dispatchable Location requirements supporting RAY BAUM’S Act by January 6, 2021, while businesses with non-fixed MLTS devices on- and off-premises are to fulfill their regulatory obligations no later than January 6, 2022.  Intermedia Unite is being updated to support the FCC requirements for fixed MLTS ahead of the required 2021 timeline, and updates are planned during the 2021 calendar year to support the requirements for non-fixed MLTS.

For details on configuring 911 Call Notification information for an account, please see the following KB article: