This article applies to Web Hosting and Custom Email accounts only. For Exchange accounts, see the article How To Use Storage Management On Exchange Account.

The default mailbox size limit is set to 4000.00 MB.

The current size of the mailbox can be checked in two ways:

  1. In 'HostPilot control panel  > Mail Server > Mailboxes Manager' click on the mailbox you want to check and select 'Statistics' tab in the right frame.
  2. In 'My Services > Mailboxes Manager'  when you are logged as postmaster click on the mailbox you want to check and select 'Statistics' tab in the right frame. Please refer to our knowledge base article on Managing All Mailboxes Using My Services.

Each mail server user can check the size of his/her mailbox by logging to 'My Services > Mailboxes Manager' and selecting 'Statistics' tab in the right frame.

The size of all mailboxes can be checked by pressing 'Breakdown by Mailbox' button in 'HostPilot control panel  > Mail Server > Mail Server Settings'.

The statistics will show the number of the messages and the size of the mailbox as it was X minutes ago. It will include messages in Inbox, Sent Items, Deleted Items folders and in your custom folders. The statistics change and the time is reset each time when:

  • messages downloaded from the server using POP access;
  • messages purged from the server using IMAP access;
  • a new message arrives to the mailbox (the time stamp is not updated in this case).