IMPORTANT: make sure that all necessary changes have been made to start using new features.

PDF Encryption allows to convert messages and/or attachments into encrypted PDF files that are delivered directly to the recipient’s inbox.
To enable PDF Encryption, you need to login to HostPilotĀ® Control Panel and navigate Services > Compliance > Encrypted Email > Encrypted mail gateway.

Encrypted mail gateway

Under Profile Settings select Update Profile, then PDF Encryption.

PDF Encryption Settings

There you can find 2 options:

Attachment Encryption

The message body is sent unencrypted, and all attachments are encrypted as PDF or ZIP files.

  • Enable native encryption for PDF – in-place encryption for PDF files.
  • Enable native encryption for ZIP - in-place encryption for ZIP files
  • Encrypt other files as PDF - attachments are sent as encrypted PDF files.
  • Encrypt other files as ZIP - attachments are placed in encrypted ZIP files.

When both PDF and ZIP are selected at the same time, then PDF attachments are delivered as encrypted PDF files, and all other attachment types are delivered as secure ZIP files.

When ONLY the Encrypt as PDF option is selected, PDF files are converted to encrypted PDF files, and non-PDF files are placed in an encrypted PDF container.

Important: If the sending computer does not have a PDF client installed (no application/pdf mime type registered), PDF attachments are treated as a general file, and placed inside an encrypted ZIP or PDF container rather than being converted.

Full-Message Encryption (Body + Attachments) 

The message body is converted to an encrypted PDF document, and all attachments are placed inside that PDF as file attachments.

  • If Encrypt message as single PDF file is selected the user will get one PDF with any attachments inline. Otherwise the attachments will follow the same rules as attachment encryption.
  • Secure PDF Email Reply enables secure replies for encrypted PDF messages. A reply button is placed inside the encrypted PDF. This button launches a secure website where the user can compose and send an encrypted reply.
  • Include Original Message allows to include the original message in the secure PDF message. A push pin is placed inside the encrypted PDF. This push pin launches a native email client where the user can view the original message.
  • Sign Encrypted PDF Email - sign the secure PDF email according to S/MIME Signing Policy (configured on the Signing Mode tab). Note that the MIME message, not the PDF attachment, is signed.

Note: The signing Mode tab affects both the TLS Encryption and PDF Encryption delivery methods, and appears in both sections. When you make a change on the Signing Mode tab, both delivery methods are affected, regardless of which section was active when you made the change.

Preferred delivery method makes PDF Encryption the default delivery method for new, unregistered users. If PDF Encryption is the preferred delivery method, new recipients are required to create a Secure PDF password.

After PDF Encryption is enabled, you can proceed to creating Encryption Policy.