When a user receives an encrypted message with a registration link for Web Portal where they can view and read the message, they can skip the account creation process and simply log in with their existing social network credentials. This feature is called Social Connectors and supports the following social networks:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Microsoft Live
  • Office365

Icons for each social network appear on the login and registration pages of the Web Portal, which can be accessed from the email notifications users receive when they have a new encrypted message in the Web Portal.

Encrypted Email

To use your social network credentials to authenticate with Web Portal click on your chosen social network icon. The first time you authenticate with a social network, you are asked to authorize Web Portal to use your social network credentials. All subsequent logins will simply require you to enter your social network login and password. If you have an active session with your social network, you will be granted access immediately.

Social Connectors

Switching From Social Login to Account Login

If you wish to stop using Social Connectors, you can create a Web Portal account at any time. Simply reset your password and follow the instructions in the activation email to create a new account.