This article applies to Web Hosting and Custom Email accounts only.

The following limitations on sending mails are applied to POP/IMAP mailboxes:

Message size: 50 MB

The maximum size of incoming and outgoing email messages is 50 MB.

Number of recipients per message: 50

The number of recipients per message originating from a particular mailbox sent with a mail client is limited to 50.

Number of messages per hour: 500

The number of messages originating from a particular mailbox sent with a mail client per hour is limited to 500.

Note: Every recipient counts as a single message, e.g. 500 messages can be sent from one mailbox during one hour if there is just one recipient per message. If there are 50 recipients per message only 10 messages can be sent.

There are few ways to get around the 'number of recipients per message' and 'number of messages per hour' limits:

  • Break the recipients up into groups of less than 50 and send the messages in batches of 500 (or less) every hour.
  • Set up a Mailman mailing list in HostPilotĀ® Control Panel > Mailman Mailing List > Install. Each Mailman mailing list can have up to 6000 members on it.
  • If your account plan includes the website you can set up a script to send out the messages. We have configured the server to relay messages sent from Intermedia hosted websites, it's limits are: 25 MB for the message size, 50 recipients per message and 2000 messages per hour.
  • Check to see whether your ISP will allow you to send these messages through their mail server. Most ISPs authenticate solely based on network location. In this case, you can use a From address not hosted at your ISP when sending mail through their server.