You can do this in one of two ways.

1. The first is to set up the complete site on your local machine and then publish it, when ready, by going to "File > Publish Web". You can call the main one whatever you want (you may, for instance, create a web at C:\site\fp). This "web" should be kept locally, and it should be configured EXACTLY like your site on Intermedia: same directory names, file names, etc. It is your most important copy because, if there are any problems on the web server, you will need it.

The steps to publish the website:

  • open your local web
  • select File > Publish Web
  • enter the URL or http://Your.IP.Add.ress/ in location field
  • click publish

2. The second way is to edit your website directly on the server. This is not recommended because you will only have one copy of your site. However, it is a good way to check the current configuration of your site.

To connect to your virtual server using FrontPage follow the steps:

  • start FrontPage
  • select File menu > Open Web
  • type or http://Your.IP.Add.ress/ in the Folder name field, click Open
  • enter your username and password in the dialog box

When you are ready to publish (or connect), you should publish directly to and you should include all subwebs.
If you only want to publish one of the subwebs, you will need to open that subweb locally and then publish only to that subweb (e.g., if your main web was located on C:\site\fp and, then you would open C:\site\fp\subweb and publish it to

Please note that, if you deviate too far from the above procedures, you may have to "start over". Assuming that you keep a local copy of your web site, this "starting over" would involve completely uninstalling FrontPage extensions (go to the Install/Uninstall section, press Uninstall, then press OK, then press Cancel) and may ALSO involve deleting all content via FTP before reinstalling FrontPage and republishing your web site from scratch.

Important notes: 

  • FrontPage uses HTTP protocol to connect to the server (it connects to the web root). This means that you will not see Htdocs directory in the listing, as you will start off in that directory.
  • Never delete the directories created by the setup process - Htdocs, FTProot, Database. Deleting these directories will make your server inaccessible.
  • Never use FTP to upload content developed in FrontPage; use the FrontPage "Publish" command. Uploading FrontPage content via FTP will also make your site inaccessible.
  • If you decide to use FrontPage, it is a good idea to avoid using FTP to connect to the same account.