In some cases deskphone logs can help in troubleshooting phone connectivity issues. Below are the instructions on how to gather the logs from Polycom and Yealink devices.

Polycom VVX phones

Obtain an IP address

  • Press the Home button
  • Select Settings > Status > Network > TCP/IP Parameters

Gather diagnostic logs

1. Access the Web Interface of the phone

  • Launch a web browser on a Windows computer using the same network as your Polycom phone
  • Enter the IP address of the telephone you noted in the first step
  • On the login page, select the Admin button and enter phone UI the password. Note: The default admin username and password is admin / 456. If you do not know your username or password, please, contact Support
  • Click Submit

2. Prepare to create a log file

  • In the web utility go to Settings > Logging > Global Settings
    • Set the Global Log Level Limit to Debug
    • Set the Log File size to 1000

  • From the same Logging page, locate the module Log Level Limits and adjust the following settings 
    • Set SIP to Debug
    • Set Support Objects to Event 2
    • Set Application to Event 2
    • Set PPS to Event 3

  • Click Save at the bottom of the page

3.Creating a log file

  • Now you'll need to navigate to Diagnostics > View & Download Logs >Clear
  • Reproduce the issue you're experiencing
  • Now select the option to "Export" at the bottom of the page. Save the file in an easy to remember location. Attach the saved log file to an email and send it to the support technician you are working with.

Export local configuration file

  1. Click on Utilities > Import & Export Configuration
    2. Expand the Export Configuration section. While All Configuration (except Device Settings) is selected, hit Export. Save resulting file
    4. Click on the dropdown menu and select Device Settings. Hit Export and save resulting file

Yealink phones

Obtain an IP address

  • Press the OK button and locate the IPv4 address


  • Press the Menu icon then select Status. The IP address should be shown on the first line labeled IPv4

for cordless devices:

  1. Pickup one of the handsets that is registered to the base station, then press OK
  2. Press OK on the (i) icon.
  3. Press OK on the BASE option.
  4. The IP address of the Base will be displayed on the screen.

Accessing the Phone's Web Interface

1. Open a web browser on a computer that's connected to the same network as the phone

2. Enter the phone's IP address

3. Log in to the phone's web interface as an admin

Note: The default admin username and password is admin / admin. If you do not know your username or password, contact Support

Gather diagnostic logs

Navigate to Settings > Configuration

  • Local Log section
    • Enable Local Log: Select On or Enable
    • Local Log Level: Change to 6
    • Max Logfile Size: Enter 2048
  • Syslog section (optional)
    • Enable Syslog: Select On or Enable
    • Syslog Server: Enter the server address that you want to export the logs to
    • Syslog Transport Type: change to TCP
    • Syslog Level: Change to 6
  • Click Start to start the logging feature
  • Repeat the process produce the issue on the Yealink phone
  • Click Stop and wait for 2 to 3 minutes. The file will automatically generate and download. If it doesn't, click Export

 Export local configuration file

The local config file can be exported in .bin or in .cfg format:

  • Settings > Configuration > Export Import config > Export - the .bin file will be downloaded
  • Settings > Configuration > Export CFG Configuration File - the .cfg file will be downloaded

Note: The .cfg config will give you some options: Local Settings, Static/ Non-Static Settings, All Settings. The change you do munually in web interface will be saved into local configuration file. And the change you do through provision or manually in web interface will be saved into all configuration file. So, All Configuration file will be the most full.