Before creating an IVR application, sign in to the Admin Portal to access the IVR Studio:

  1. Open an Internet browser (we recommend using Microsoft Edge)
  2. Use one of the following URLs to navigate to the Client Portal Sing In page, make sure to replace <account ID> with your account ID:

Sysadmin - https://<accountID>
SP Admin - https://<accountID>
Client Admin - https://<accountID>

      3. Sign In to the Client Admin Portal for any of your accounts, using your sysadmin, SP admin, or client admin credentials by entering your Username and Password

      4. Select Tools from the side navigation pane, then IVR Studio

      5. IVR Studio Express is automatically opened in a new tab; an Open IVR dialog will appear listing designs that have already been started/created. You may want to choose an existing IVR and click Open to continue working on existing IVR design or close the Open IVR window to start a new IVR design:

Note: You will remain logged in to the Admin Portal after accessing the IVR Studio.