Add Business functions

1. From the Toolbox, located on the left side of the screen, scroll through the list of BFs to find the one you want to add to your IVR. Similarly, scroll through the list of IVR Snippets to add one of the pre-designed BF groups to your IVR. See Section 2.2: Business Functions Defined for a detailed description of all BFs

2. Click and drag the BF to the Canvas area and drop in the desired location

Note: BFs can be moved and repositioned at any time. If you want to move the BF to a different location on the Canvas, simply click the BF to select it and drag it around the Canvas. Release the BF when you have moved it to the desired location.

3. The BF should still be selected on the Canvas, if it is not, click on it to select it. The dashed outline of the BF indicates that it is selected.

4. From the Properties section, click the BF tab

5. Complete all property fields for the selected BF. If this is the first BF added to your IVR design, skip to step 7, if this is not the first BF added, continue to step 6

Note: Each BF has its own set of properties. Please, refer to Business Function Properties for more information.

6. Connect the previously added BF to the newly added BF (see Connecting Business Functions for detailed description of BF connectors and how to connect BFs).

7. Repeat steps 1 to 6 until all BFs are added to your IVR design

Edit Business Function Properties

1. Click on the BF you want to edit. A dashed outline appears around the BF indicating that it is selected

2. The BF tab, in the Properties section of the screen, becomes active

3. Edit the desired fields

4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 for each BF that needs editing