Name: Enter a name for the Play Prompt. Use a name that describes what the prompt is about. For example, if this is a Callback prompt, you can name the prompt, Callback Instructions Msg. The text entered for the Name will appear inside the BF shape placed in your application.
Prompt Text: Enter the message that will be played for the caller when the prompt is activated. For example, Please key in your full phone number including your area code. The text entered for the Prompt Text will appear inside the BF shape placed in your application.
Prompt Id: This is the number associated with Prompt Id, each prompt has one. The Prompt Id selected determines what prompt is played at this point in the call. From the Prompt Id drop down menu select an accompanying Prompt ID from the list for the Prompt Text entered above. If there is no accompanying Prompt Id, from the drop down menu select Create New Prompt and create a prompt. Once your new prompt is created, select it from the drop down menu.
Stop tones: These are keys that interrupt the prompt. If you do not enter anything in this field the prompt will play without interruptions, even if you press a key. However, if the field is entered, when the specified key is pressed the prompt will be interrupted.