This article describes the process of setting up Konftel IP DECT 10 base via AnyPhone BYOP configuration for Intermedia Unite.

    1. First off, create a new Device in the HostPilot® Control Panel and obtain SIP credentials per this KB article.
    2. Connect network and power cable to IP DECT 10 and wait until the LED on the base turns green.
    3. Power up your Konftel phone - if it wasn't registered previously - START REGISTRATION? prompt will appear.
    4. Press OK on the phone.
    5. Go to Settings > Status > scroll-down to IP ADDRESS.
    6. Note the IP address and enter it in the web browser of the computer on the same network.
    7. Enter login and password (default: admin/admin) and click OK.
    8. Go to Servers > click Add Server and set the following:
        • NAT Adaptation - Disabled
        • Registrar - address of HPBX server (can be found in the control panel)
        • SIP Transport - UDP
        • DTMF Signalling - RFC 2833
        • DTMF Payload Type - 101
        • Remote Caller ID Source Priority - PAI FROM
    9. Click Save
  1. Go to Network > SIP/RTP and set the following:
    • Local SIP Port - 5 + ext. of the device (e.g. 5101)
    • RTP Port - 35000
    • RTP Port range - 64 (which is the maximum value for this device)
  2. Then go to Extensions and enter the following:
    • Extension - SIP Authentication ID
    • Authentication User Name - SIP Authentication ID
    • Authentication password - SIP Password
    • Server - choose the server created in step 8
    • Select Handset by marking the checkbox next to it
  3. Click Save
  1. If everything's correct, you'll see SIP REGISTERED state as on the screenshot below.