It is now possible to disable just the internal chat function of the Intermedia Unite application, both mobile and desktop, while keeping the SMS function avialable for the end-users.

An account contact with the technical administrator role will be able to log into HostPilot as an admin and disable chat by navigating to Intermedia Unite > Settings and from there click on the Team chat tab.

From there click on the Disable Team chat button and a confirmation window will appear. Click on Confirm to continue and disable chat function for all users on the account. The chat function can only be disabled for all users, there is no way to disable the function for certain users while keeping it enabled for other users.

Once this is complete, you will see the message Team chat is disabled. To revert the process, click on Enable and the chat function will be restored to all users.

In order for users to have their chat disabled, they will need to restart the application or log out/log in out of their applications.

  • For desktop applications, the users will need to manually perfrom these actions in order for them to see the change in chat function. This will change in upcoming releases, so that it will take up to 30 minutes for users to get a notification that prompts them to restart the application. If user is not using the app, when this notification pops-up, the application will restart automatically in 3 minutes. Same will happen if user closes the notification and goes away from the computer.
  • For mobile applications, the users will need to either close out of the application and kill it in the background or if the application is not used for a prolonged period of time the application will automatically remove chat functionality by itself.