Name: Enter a name for the Language Menu. Use a name that describes what the Menu is about. For example, you can simply name the Menu, Language Menu. The text entered for the Name will appear inside the BF shape placed in your application.
Wait Time: This is the amount of time, in seconds, the system will wait for the caller to select one of the Menu options. Enter a number in the Wait Time field to signify the length of time the system will wait for a selection.
Max Retries: This is the maximum number of times callers can select an incorrect Menu option or not make a selection before they are transferred to the default Queue (e.g. English language queue). Enter a number in the Max Retries field to signify the maximum number of invalid or no selections a caller can make.
Prompt Id: This is the number associated with Prompt Id, each prompt has one. The Prompt Id selected determines what prompt is played at this point in the call. From the Prompt Id drop down menu select an accompanying Prompt ID from the list for the Menu created. If there is no accompanying Prompt Id, select Create New Prompt and create a prompt for your menu. Once your new prompt is created, select it from the drop down menu.
0 - #: The numerals (0-9) and symbols ({}, *#) refer to telephone keys. Each Menu option is assigned a number or symbol that the caller must press to select their Language preference. For example, if 1, and 2 are English and Spanish respectively, the caller would press 1 to listen to all prompts in English or 2 to listen in Spanish. Select which numbers and/or symbols you want to include in your Menu, click in each text field, and type the name of the Language option.