When your IVR design is complete, you can check it for errors. During a project check, the system checks the algorithm of your application and tries to resolve any problems that are present in your design. Design problems are displayed as Errors and Warnings.
Your design must be complete before you check it to ensure no unnecessary errors and warnings arise. The following is a list of design items to review before checking your design:

  • All Entrypoints are included
  • All Hang Ups are included
  • All Link Outs lead to a Link In
  • All Link Ins are lead from a Link Out
  • All required BF properties are completed
  • All BF properties are valid
  • All input connections are included
  • All output connections are included

Perform IVR Check

To check your IVR design:

1. Select IVR > Check

2. Your IVR design is checked for errors. If errors and warnings are found, continue to step 3. If no errors are found skip to step 6

3. A list of errors and warnings are populated in the Error list, located at the bottom of the screen.

4. Review and correct the errors and warnings.

Note: Click on an error or warning message in the Error list to advance immediately to the error or warning in your design.

5. Once all errors and warnings have been corrected, select IVR > Check to check your design again. Repeat until no more errors and warnings are found.

6. If no errors or warnings are found, the Valid Project message dialog box appears. Click OK. Your design is now ready to be tested.