Once your IVR design is complete, it is ready to be deployed to the production server. Applications are deployed through your network connection. Save your IVR before deploying it to ensure all updates are applied to your application.

Note: If your IVR is not already opened: select IVR > Open, select the IVR to be deployed from the Open IVR dialog box, and click OK.

To deploy your IVR

1. Select IVR > Deploy

2. The Deploy Options dialog box opens

3. In the Comments text box, type in any comments relating to the IVR. For example, if this is a new IVR, type new project, if this is an updated version of an existing IVR, list key updates that were made to the IVR

4. Click OK

5. The deployment process begins. A message dialog appears indicating the account queues are loading from the server

6. Once the application is deployed, the message closes and a new version of your project will appear in the IVR Explorer section, followed by the word active to indicate the most recent version (e.g. Version 1 - Active)

Note: Each time an IVR is deployed a new version of the application is automatically created and saved to the project. To review updates made to each version of the application simply click on the Version in the IVR Explorer and read the Comments in the Version tab located in the Properties section of IVR Studio Express