Auto Attendant greeting is a recorded message that welcomes callers and provides them with directions to press a key to be routed to a certain person or department or leave a voicemail.

How to upload Auto Attendant greeting

In order to upload the greeting via the HostPilot navigate to Services > Intermedia Unite> Auto Attendant > click on your Auto Attendant name > corresponding menuclick on the file name next to the word Greeting > select Upload greeting from the drop-down menu


How to record a greeting

In order to manage the Auto Attendant PIN code log in to HostPilot > Services > Intermedia Unite> Auto Attendant > click on your Auto Attendant name > Settings right next to the gear icon on the right side of the page > the PIN field.

Important: If you are recording a greeting, make sure to keep the default greeting uploaded in the corresponding menu. It is only possible to record a new greeting over the existing one. 

  • Dial the Auto Attendant's number (or temporary number) from any phone.
  • Enter *5 while the default (or current) greeting message is played.
  • Enter the PIN when prompted then press #.
  • Enter the menu number, which can be found by clicking Auto Attendant > click on the Auto Attendant name > click on the corresponding menu > click on the file name next to the word Greeting.
    • Alternatively, listen to the prompts which will announce all the menus and press the option for the menu you are recording the greeting for.

Note: If Receptionist Groups are being utilized they will need to be temporarily disabled. Alternatively, wait until the phones in the Receptionist Group stop ringing and the call times out to the current Auto Attendant greeting.