This article represents a new feature in Intermedia Unite desktop app – Onboarding list for new users.


The onboarding list is an in-app guide for new users. It will help users to understand the navigation in the app. The guide consists of videos and step-by-step instructions. You will:

  • know how to download the mobile app;
  • upload your profile picture;
  • set up voicemail PIN and greeting;
  • start your first chat;
  • make your first call;
  • start your first meeting;
  • join the live training session.


Note: there are some requirements for the Onboarding list to appear in your desktop app:

  • you should be a new user. If you used earlier desktop versions, you are not supposed to be a new user;
  • Intermedia Unite desktop app language should be set to English US/GB.

You may use the arrow button on the upper right corner to narrow the Onboarding list window.


Click on Start button to open the Onboarding list again.


To turn off the Onboarding list, please click on No thanks in the lower right corner.

Important: if you turn off the Onboarding list by clicking on No thanks, there is no way to open the checklist again.



Q: What is it to be a new user?

A: You are a new user if you have never used previous desktop versions.

Q: I saw a checklist and it now disappears. Why?

A: If you didn't click No thanks and the list just disappeared, please restart the app so the list appears again.

Q: I accidentally closed the checklist by clicking on No thanks. How do I open it again?

A: Unfortunately, there is no way to open the checklist again if you turned it off. 

Q: I don't have a checklist. Why? 

A: There may be three reasons why you cannot see a checklist:

  1. You are not a new user, you used previous versions of Intermedia Unite desktop app.
  2. Your app language is not English US/GB.
  3. You turned off the checklist already.