Device Information - Poly Sync 20 Smart Speakerphone

The Sync 20 is a Bluetooth enabled, high quality speaker and microphone combo, available for sale through Intermedia.

Poly Sync 20
When used with your computer, it provides an enhanced experience when placing or receiving calls through your Intermedia Unite Desktop application or Intermedia AnyMeeting. When used with your mobile device, it transforms into a portable speakerphone for you to use with the Intermedia Unite mobile app, as a quality wireless speaker for music, or even as a portable charging bank for your mobile phone.

Integration of Poly devices with Intermedia Unite allows you to use them with Intermedia Unite Desktop Application by picking up and ending calls by pressing the appropriate button on the speakerphone. 

This guide will cover the following information:

  1. The Poly Sync 20 Features
  2. Poly Sync 20 Hardware Setup
  3. How To Set Up The Intermedia Unite Desktop Application To Work With The Poly Sync 20
  4. Charging A Mobile Device From The Poly Sync 20


The Poly Sync 20 Features

  • High quality speaker
  • Steerable 3-microphone array
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • USB-A connectivity
  • Echo cancellation and noise reduction
  • 20-hour battery life
  • USB-A mobile phone charging port
  • Volume controls
  • Mute
  • Programmable “Rocket ship” button

The device also comes with a lanyard and a carrying case.

Important: While the Poly Sync 20 is advertised as a Speakerphone device, the hardware is not a VoIP device that requires any provisioning to Intermedia Unite services. Furthermore, the device is not able to be assigned to a User in any way; the Poly Sync 20 is considered an "accessory".


Poly Sync 20 Hardware Setup


Installation of the device on a PC or Mac is quick and easy.

Simply unravel the USB-a cable from the bottom of the device, and plug it into your PC/Mac.

  • There is no need to install any specific device drivers for the speakerphone to be recognized and installed on your computer.  

Once your computer has notified you the device has been successfully installed you will be able to select the device as a Speaker or Microphone for Intermedia Unite Desktop and Intermedia AnyMeeting:



To use the Poly Sync 20 on a Mobile device, you will need to pair the two devices using the following method:

  1. With the Speakerphone powered on, press and hold the Bluetooth button for 2 seconds.  The device will play a notification prompt that says "pairing" and the LED bar will animate with a blue and white crossing pattern.

  2. Activate Bluetooth on your mobile device and set it to search new devices.  Select "Poly Sync 20" once the device appears in the list.
  3. Pairing is successfull when you hear "pairing successful" and the LED flashes blue. 

Once the device is paired, your Mobile device should automatically configure the device to work as your default speaker and mic device for any apps you use.  


How to Set Up The Intermedia Unite Desktop Application To Work With The Poly Sync 20

  1. Make sure that the Hub (Poly (Plantronics) software) is running on your computer;
    Download Plantronics Hub for Windows/Mac
  2. Open the Intermedia Unite Desktop Application and click your profile picture in the lower-left corner;
  3. Click Application settings and check if your Intermedia Unite Desktop Application is set to run in Softphone mode. If it's not, switch it into the Softphone mode and click Save Changes.

  4. Click Audio Settings in the left menu and select Poly (Platronics) Sync 20 as a Speaker and a Microphone. The status of the Poly headset integration should say Enabled
    Note: if the status of the Poly headset integration says Disabled, it means that the Hub (Poly (Platronics) software) isn't running. 


Charging A Mobile Device From The Poly Sync 20

The Poly Sync 20 features a large 3200 mAH internal battery that provides up to 20 hours of listening and talk time when using the device wirelessly via Bluetooth, or can even be used as a wireless charging bank.   To charge a Mobile device on your Poly Sync 20, simply connect your device's charging cable to the USB-A port on the side of the device.

Note: The Poly Sync device cannot charge a device while it's in use in either USB hardwiredmode, or Bluetooth mode with a mobile device.