Developer Portal is a service created for third-party developers who can make their integrations based on Intermedia public API.  

Intermedia Developer Portal includes the following integrations:

  • Voice API
    Voice API helps you to make, receive, and monitor calls around the world. Use this REST API to make outgoing calls, modify calls in progress, intercept incoming calls and query information about the calls you've made. The additional advanced call features such as call queues, call recordings, call notifications, managing voicemail are also available. You can also use API to route voice calls with global reach to phones, browsers, SIP domains, mobile applications.
  • Meeting API
    Meeting API provides you with the ability to join or host online meetings with crystal-clear HD video, audio quality and screen share viewing capabilities. Use this REST API to start, join, end, schedule meetings and get the necessary meeting information.
  • Analytics API
    The call history Analytics API can be used to retrieve details of calls including durations and associated charges for a specified account over a given time range. The data can be requested with either a focus on:
    Calls; using the ‘Call History – Calls’ API
    Specific Users; using the ‘Call History – Users’ API
  • Contact Center API
    The Agent Profile service allows external applications to retrieve information about agents within the account. The Outbound Notifications Campaign (ONC) service allows external applications to register outbound notification campaigns within the system.
  • Address book API
    The Address Book API is a central point for any contact that is available to the user. The contact can represent either person's details such as name, phone number or job title, or a shared object with the phone number or e-mail address such as a Virtual Extension or Resource Mailbox. The Address Book encompasses contacts from various sources including Active Directory, Exchange, HPBX, or mobile phone contacts.

Each section in the portal provides:

  • API Overview including a glossary
  • Authorization methods with client types and supported authorization flow
  • Getting Started guide
    Getting Started Guide

The sections will also contain API methods with code samples, path parameters, query-string parameters, and basic troubleshooting codes. For further troubleshooting please contact support.

Code Samples

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