Name: Enter a name for the Key Pressed on Hold. Use a name that describes the queue the action belongs to. For example, if the key is pressed from the VIP Queue Menu, use "VIP Queue Menu".
Variable Name: This is the name assigned to the Key Pressed on Hold variable. In the Variable Name field, enter a name for the variable.
Recommend After max retries: Select to define a recommendation prompt to be played when a number of cycles of "message on hold" have been played. This prompt will recommend an option (DTMF digit) to dequeuer the call.
0 - #: The numerals (0-9) and symbols ({}, *#) refer to telephone keys. Each menu option is assigned a number or symbol that the caller must press to access the selected Queue. For example, if 0 and 1 are Voicemail and Callback respectively, the caller would press 0 to transfer to the Voicemail, 1 to advance to the Callback Queue. Select which numbers and/or symbols you want to include in your Menu, click in each text field, and type the name of the Menu option