When you delete items (e-mail messages, contacts, calendar, tasks, etc.) from your mailbox, they are first transferred to the Deleted Items folder.

After an item has been removed from the Deleted Items folder, it can still be recovered. By default, permanently deleted items will be held on the server for 14 days on Exchange accounts. During this retention period, you can restore or purge deleted items in Outlook or OWA. If you own a Dedicated Exchange account, you can change this setting by changing the value for Keep deleted items for (days) option in HostPilotĀ® Control Panel on the MS Exchange Server > Mailboxes > Storage Management page.

Note: if you hard-deleted a folder, you will only see items from that folder in the Recover Deleted items; you won't find the whole folder there.

Important: Recover Deleted Items option is not available for POP/IMAP mailboxes.

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You can remove items from the Deleted Items folder manually or automatically. To change the settings:

  • In Outlook, automatic deletion is set in the Empty the Deleted Items folder upon exiting option in Tools > Options > Other > General.
    • Outlook: File > Options > Advanced

  • In OWA, automatic deletion is set in the Empty the Deleted Items folder on logoff option in Options > Delete Items.

Important note: In Outlook Web Access, you can only recover items deleted from the Deleted Items folder. To restore or purge items deleted from other mail folders using Shift+Delete ("hard delete"), you will need to use the Outlook client.


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