Name: Enter a name for Callback. Use a name that describes the Callback trigger in your application (e.g. Callback).
Description: Enter a description for the Callback trigger. The description can explain what occurs after a Callback is requested by the caller. For example, the description can be "Outbound call queued and will be made for the next available agent in the proper priority". The text entered for the Description will appear inside the BF shape placed in your application
Calling Name: Enter the Caller ID Calling name to be presented to the recipient of the callback
Calling Number: Enter the Caller ID Calling Number to be presented to the recipient of the callback
Phone Number Var: Specifies the type of variable required for the Callback to be complete. For example, the caller must enter a 10-digit phone number in order for the callback request to be complete, therefore type "Phone Number" in the Phone Number Var field.
Max Retries: This is the maximum number of times callers have to enter a correct 10-digit phone number before they are transferred to the default Queue. Enter a number in the Max Retries field to signify the maximum number of invalid entries a caller can make.
Expiration Interval: this is the time that the system will keep the callback request "alive" before expiring it. For example, a customer may want to keep a callback attempt alive for 2 hours (120 minutes), but after that the system will no longer "keep" the callback or make any further attempts
Retry Interval: this is the amount of time to wait between callback attempts. For example, you don't want to just dial repeatedly, but want to space out the attempts – try every 5 minutes, 10 minutes, etc.
Priority: Each queue can be given a priority in relevance to all the other queues. Does the customer want the callbacks to have a higher/lower priority than the queue it originated from. If you give it a higher priority the callbacks will be delivered to agents before a waiting queue call. If you give it a lower priority it will be delivered only after queued calls are cleared.