This article provides details and the comparison of Intermedia Unite With / For Teams packages.

Read the Knowledge Base articles What Is An Intermedia Unite Subscription And How Do I Manage It?​ and Intermedia Unite Packages for more information on managing subscriptions and other subscription types.


 * Intermedia Unite User, Resource line, Fax line, Auto Attendant – all those services require a number to be configured and this first number is included for free. Hunt Group requires no DIDs for configuration so any number added to a Hunt Group is considered an additional number and is chargeable.

 ** 200 Hrs of Hunt Group call recordings are available only with Contact Center Express.

 *** Virtual Extension includes 1000 bundled minutes/mo if the internal routing within the account is set up; no bundled minutes - external routing, e.g., to a cell phone number or to Intermedia AnyMeeting phone number.

PACKAGESIntermedia Unite for TeamsIntermedia Unite with Teams


Cloud-based phone system integrated with Microsoft Teams. Greets calls, direct calls to individuals and groups and allows receiving and placing calls within the Teams applications.

Cloud-based phone system designed to work with Microsoft Teams. Greets calls, direct calls to individuals and groups and allows receiving and placing calls within the Intermedia Unite desktop and mobile applications.

Pricing model

Per user Per user

Devices (number of concurrent endpoints)

Uses Teams Apps
as a Teams fallback
1 phone plus apps

Local and long distance calling to landline and mobile (Outbound Bucket 6,000 mins/month per user)

Free outbound calling to Canada both landline and mobile

International Dialing

Add-On (+$) Add-On (+$)

Local Phone Number *

Extension number

Programmable line keys

Change phone idle screen display

Call pickup

Caller ID

Call waiting (Cordless phone)

Call transfer

Call hold

3-way calling


Extension to extension calling

Call park

Call park pickup


Music on hold

Do Not Disturb

Busy Lamp Field

Basic User Reports

Mobile App

Desktop App

Voicemail box

Voicemail storage

50 MB/10 Hrs 50 MB/10 Hrs

Voicemail transcription

Call Recording (Automatic/On-Demand)

24 Hrs/user 24 Hrs/user

Expansion module

Web Fax (Outbound Bucket 1,000 mins/month)

Intermedia Unite ANALYTICS

QoS Dashboard

Call History


Presence detection

1 on 1 instant messaging with unlimited files support

Team/Group messaging with unlimited files support

SMS messages

Intermedia AnyMeeting VIDEO CONFERENCING

Audio Only Phone participants

Online Web participants

HD video (720p) panel participants

Unlimited/Recurring meetings

Host security settings

Meeting lock

Meeting passwords

Remove participant

Mute all or specific participants

Shared presence across meetings, phone, and team messaging

In meeting chat

Screen annotation

Support for screen sharing across multiple windows and monitors

Join from mobile devices

Join from Chrome

Custom Meeting URL

Dial-in number options for local or toll-free numbers

Integrated scheduling with MS Office 365/Outlook/Teams /G-Suite /Slack

International dial-in numbers

AI-driven meeting transcripts and insights

Synced in meeting notes editable by all participants

Remote control

Custom branding

Record meetings

Download meeting recordings

Attendance reports

Chat reports


Chrome Click to Call

Microsoft Active Directory

Microsoft Outlook® Integration (Win / Mac)

Microsoft Teams® (Admin / End-User)

Microsoft Teams® Calling


G-Suite® Integration

Generic CRM Screen Pop

Oracle NetSuite® (Admin / End-User)

Sugar CRM® (Admin / End-User)

Zoho CRM® (Admin / End-User)

ZendeskTM (Admin / End-User)

Salesforce® Classic + Lightning (Admin / Classic End-User, Lightning End-User)

ServiceNow (Admin / End-User)

Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Admin / End-User)


File backup, sync, and share

Antivirus and Malware protection

Unlimited file versioning

Secure external sharing (Admin / End-User)

Microsoft Outlook® integration


Exchange mailbox (unlimited size)


1 Auto Attendant (Outbound Bucket 1000 mins/mo) *

Additional Auto Attendant (Outbound Bucket 1000 mins/mo) *

Add-On (+$) Add-On (+$)

Hunt Groups *

Additional Hunt Group *

Add-On (+$) Add-On (+$)

Hunt Group call recording **

100 Hrs 100 Hrs

Paging groups

Call pickup groups

Call park groups

Additional Web Fax (Outbound Bucket 1000 mins/mo)

Add-On (+$) Add-On (+$)

Fax Line (# of free minutes depends on plan) *

Add-On (+$) Add-On (+$)

Resource Line (# of free minutes depends on plan) *

Add-On (+$) Add-On (+$)

Company Voicemail box (50 MB/10 Hrs)

Additional Voicemail box (50 MB/10 Hrs)

Add-On (+$) Add-On (+$)

Virtual Extension (# of free minutes depends on routing) ***

Add-On (+$) Add-On (+$)

Toll-Free Number (# of free minutes depends on plan)

Add-On (+$) Add-On (+$)

Additional Local Number (Outbound Bucket 1000 mins/mo) *

Add-On (+$) Add-On (+$)