Edit Mode of LOA Wizard is used when your port order must be changed and a new Online LOA must be submitted for us to move forward.

Important: if you would like to add, change or remove certain numbers from the order – respond to the ticket that was sent to you regarding the order creation to advise the Porting team about changes that need to be made. Porting team will then send further instructions.

Note: if you are unsure how to proceed, do not hesitate to contact Support.

Accessing the Edit Mode

For SIP-T: Login to HostPilot as Admin > Go to SIP-T & 2.0 > Number Porting Service

For HPBX 2.0: Login to HostPilot as Admin > Go to SIP-T & 2.0 > Numbers & extensions > Number Porting Service

For Intermedia Unite: Login to HostPilot as Admin > Go to Intermedia Unite > Phone Numbers > View Porting Status

Using the Edit Mode

After you accessed the list of your port orders, the ones you can edit will be highlighted in red, and a Revise LOA button will appear. Click it to begin editing your order.

Note: if you intend to submit additional documents (e.g. pen-and-ink LOA or a bill copy) to your port order, please make sure you have them available for upload beforehand.


Step 1: Phone Numbers

On the Phone Numbers tab, you can add and remove numbers from your order as shown below.

Note: to change the number type on an existing number, remove and re-add the number with the required number type.


Before moving on to the next tab, make sure the number list is correct and final after it has been edited.

Step 2: Recent Bills

Note: if you intend to submit any additional documents or files, it is recommended to do that before making changes to Billing Information.

On the Recent bills tab, you can upload any document or file required for a successful port.


Note: if you are resubmitting this order on behalf of the authorized owner of the numbers, the FCC requires that you have a LOA signed by the owner authorizing the number port.  We do not require you to provide this to us, but we do recommend it.

Step 3: Billing Information

On the Billing Information tab, you can edit all the information about the account from which the numbers are porting.


Make sure the information entered is correct and represents the current owner of the numbers.


Note: please indicate any changes to the phone number list in the Comment section as shown below.


Before clicking Save Changes, make sure all fields are filled in and contain correct information.

Important: in order for the changes to the LOA to be saved, something has to be changed or added on this tab. If all information is correct already, please temporarily remove the authorized signer name, then add it back. After any mentioned change has been done, click Save Changes to complete the edit.

Step 4: Request Submission

Once you Save Changes on the Billing information tab, you will be taken to a window to Request Submission.

To submit your edit to the Porting team, check the box and click Confirm as shown below:


If all the steps above were done correctly, you will be redirected back to the Port Order Status Viewer page, and the order you’ve just edited will have In Progress status.


Note: If the order you were editing is still in Waiting for you, it means some of the steps were not completed correctly and the edit must be re-entered.



Q: What if the Save Changes button is not clickable or does not appear?

A: In case that happens, go to Billing Information tab, temporarily remove the Authorized Signer, then add the Authorized Signer back in, and make sure to click Save Changes.