Name: This is the name of the business function. Changing the default name of the BF is not required.
Variable Name: Enter the variable name that has been defined in previously mentioned BFs you wish to compare to specific values. For example, you can compare the variable value, "Wait Time", to a literal value of between "3 and 10"; the caller will be treated in specific ways depending on whether the condition does or does not match the comparison criteria.
Source: From the dropdown menu, select one of the options.

  • Literal – the value for the condition is literal (e.g. if the variable is "wait time", a minimum value of 1 and a maximum value of 5, the condition for the call flow becomes "wait time is between 1 and 5 minutes").
  • Day of the Week List – the value for the condition is a day of the week (e.g. Monday to Sunday).