Name: This is the name of the business function. Changing the default name of the BF is not required.
Phrase: From the dropdown menu, select the phrase that will be spoken to the caller. (See Section 3.3.3 Phrases Manager for further information on inserting, listening, modifying, and deleting phrases).
Stop tones: These are keys that interrupt the prompt. If you do not enter anything in this field the prompt will play without interruptions, even if you press a key. However, if the field is entered, when the specified key is pressed the prompt will be interrupted.
Phrase Variables: Click Add, to assign variables to the speak phrase. The variables entered here correspond to the variables that appear within the curly braces { } of the selected phrase from the phrase manager. For example, if your Phrase is "WaitTimeInQueueMinutes", the assigned phrase spoken will be "Hello, welcome to the call center. Your wait time is estimated to be {1} minutes. In the Phrase Variables field(s) define the variable for {1}. If the selected phrase has more than one variable, enter the variables in the order in which they appear.