In order to use Index Server search on your web site you need to follow these steps:

  1. Install Index Server Catalog on your account using "HostPilot Control Panel > Web/FTP Server > Web Server > Microsoft Index Server > Install/Uninstall". You may need to allow several hours for the Index Server to complete indexing of your web site before the search script returns valid results.
  2. Download, unzip, and place a simple search script on your web site. Set "UserName" (in FormScope = "D:\FTP\UserName\Htdocs" line) to your Account Name. Script should work on your site without any further modifications. You can also use this sample script as starting point for developing more complex search pages.

Please note:

1) MS Index Server indexes only the following file types (under /Htdocs web root directory):
htm, html, asp, txt, xls, doc, ppt, log, exe (properties only) and pdf (for Windows 2003 Servers only).

2) Since it is a shared catalog, you need to specify the directory you want to be indexed. For example, if you want to index your web site root, you need to set the scope to D:\FTP\username\Htdocs. Please refer to the sample script for details.

Please use "Allow Directory Indexing" option in "HostPilot Control Panel > Web/FTP Server > Web Server > Microsoft Index Server" to allow/deny directory to be indexed by Index Server.

Here you will find more information About Indexing Service.