Intermedia Unite desktop application is supported on VMware Horizon View On Premise, across all the application features excluding the limitations listed at the end of this article. 


Please see the table below for minimum requirements:

Min Desktop app version


Min Horizon View Version


Min Horizon View Agent Version

8.2.0 (17759012)

Guest Operating System

Windows 10 Pro

Remote Desktop Protocol



Note: Given the backward compatibility of Horizon View, Intermedia Unite desktop application may also work on older, but still relatively recent versions of Horizon View.

Best Practices for VMware Horizon View On Premise

Important: Review and follow the best practices for Real-time Audio-Video on VMware Horizon View

  • Ensure system requirements are met for Real-time Audio-Video:
  • Ensure that Real-Time Audio-Video is users instead of USB Redirection
  • Select a Preferred Webcam or Microphone on a Windows Client System:
    • If more than one webcam is connected to the client computer, you must configure a preferred webcam to use in remote sessions for published desktops and published applications, and for virtual desktops that do not support multiple webcams. This can be done via Group Policy.
  • Configure webcam resolution:
    • Horizon View limits the webcam/video resolution to 320 x 240 by default
    • Webcam Resolution can be increased using the group policies described here
  • Installation and updates on Intermedia Unite Desktop:
    • Please follow the best practices outlined in the Intermedia Unite Desktop App: How To Install And Upgrade article
    • If you choose to perform a mass install or a machine-wide installation using elevated admin rights, users will receive prompts alerting them of new app updates when they are available, but won’t be able to execute updates due to not having the right permissions.  In this scenario, please submit a request to our Support team to stop automatic in-app updates on your account.  Admins will be notified via email when new app versions are available and will need to manage app updates on their own.

Limitations and Known Issues

    • Connecting a new Mic or Camera during an active meeting will not be picked up on the fly
    • Users will see a discrepancy between their cursor and the cross icon in remote control mode while in a meeting
    • Virtual Backgrounds can be resource-intensive.  We recommend against using them in virtual environments.