Here you can define settings relating to the chat window, such as displaying a logo or adding background, text, or chat message colors.

You can configure the chat window using two modes: Visual and CSS.

Visual Mode

This mode allows to configure the chat window easily, and you can immediately preview any changes you make.

  • Theme: Choose Light or Dark to make the window's background a light or dark color.
  • Main Color: Choose a theme from the seven preset colors, or enter the hexadecimal value of the color you prefer.
  • Widget Width: Choose how narrow or wide you want the window to be. The values range from 250 to 400 pixels.
  • Widget Height: Choose how short or tall you want the window to be. The values range from 500 to 700 pixels.
  • Rounded Corners: Choose how rounded you want the window's corners to be. The values range from 0 to 20 pixels.

CSS Mode

This mode allows to define a more customized configuration with the help of a web programmer. With this mode, you can:

  • Download a template (a .CSS file you can open with any text editing application), which you can then modify as needed, save, and upload; or
  • You can upload your own .CSS file.

Important: The customized file MUST be a .CSS file with UTF-8 encoding.

Note: It might take a few minutes for the new style to take effect. If  you do not see the new style immediately, wait 5-10 minutes before opening a chat session.