Night mode provides a programmable line key on the phones that activates a Night Mode profile. The Night Mode redirects calls depending on the type of object included in the profile. Auto Attendants, Hunt Groups and Contact Center Express Groups can be included in the Night Mode profile. When objects are placed inside a Night Mode profile, and the profile is activated, all objects in the profile go into Night Mode and begin routing their calls differently.

To set up Night Mode, please follow the instructions below:

  1.  Go to HostPilot > Settings > Night Mode profiles
  2. Create a Night Mode profile
    active profile
  3. Set up Forwarding

    Setting Auto Attendants into Night Mode

    The Auto Attendant already has a mechanism designed to catch "nighttime" phone calls, and this is its After hours menu. Thus, when you put an AA into Night Mode, the Auto Attendant begins sending all calls to its After Hours menu. 

    Setting Hunt Groups and Contact Center Express groups into Night Mode

    Compared to Auto Attendants, Hunt Groups and Contact Center Express groups have different behavior when placed into Night Mode. You must first designate an alternate destination for the group to be forwarded to when placed into Night Mode. Once designated, and Night Mode is activated, calls to that group will automatically redirect to the alternate destination. Hunt Groups and Contact Center Express Groups can be routed to whatever destination is specified: Phone number, User, Auto Attendant, Hunt Group, Resource, Virtual Extension, Voicemail box, Company VM, Contact Center Express Group or Hang up. It is also possible to route calls to objects' voicemail: User VM, Auto Attendant VM, Hunt Group/Contact Center Express Group VM, Resource VM.

  4. Go to Devices > select a device and set up a Line Key on the phone. This key allows to enable or disable Night Mode
    When Night Mode is on the light will be red, when off it will be green.

    Note: since the Night Mode line key uses BLF functionality, any phone that does not support BLF cannot have a Night Mode Line Key. This includes some very old Polycom IP phones, Polycom conference phones, and most notably, the VVX150 and VVX201. For now, the Night Mode line key will be supported only for devices, not for expansion panels. The support for expansion panels will be added later in the following weeks.
  5. If Night Mode is enabled, the following notification will be shown in Auto Attendant/Hunt Group/Contact Center Express Group setting

To enable or disable Night Mode, select one of the following options:

  • Use the Night Mode Line Key button on the phone
  • Go to Settings > Night Mode profile and click the State button. 
  • Dial the Night Mode profile's extension and enter the PIN. This information can be found in Settings > Night Mode profile > General. 


Q: What do you mean by "temporary means of rerouting calls?"
A: By design, Night Mode does not auto-disable itself.  If you use the feature, you must enable it, and then you must disable it when you no longer want it on. The feature is designed for use in short situations. If you want longer-term automatic stuff to happen, the Auto Attendant schedule feature is how you accomplish that.

Q: So you can enable Night Mode on individual objects?
A: To enable Night Mode for an individual object, you would need to create a Night Mode profile for this object first.

Q: Why do you have to make a Night Mode profile?
A: For convenience. The primary use case of this feature is to create a Line Key on a desk phone, and just press that button and walk away. The best way to have a 1-button press experience is to create a profile, assign that profile to that line key, and then put everything into that profile that you want to switch into Night Mode.

Q: What happens if I delete the Night Mode profile?
A: After deleting a Night Mode profile, all provisioned line keys for this profile are deleted. Also, if Night Mode was enabled for this profile, Night Mode for all objects in this profile will be disabled.

Q: How many profiles can my Auto Attendant/Hunt Group/Contact Center Express Group be in?
A: Objects will be allowed to only participate in one night mode profile at a time.

Q: How many profiles can I create?
A: We don't have a limit at this time.