Important: Webinar Dashboard is available only for Intermedia Unite users who also have Intermedia AnyMeeting Webinar Pro or Webinar Enterprise package. 

Webinar Dashboard is a tab in Intermedia Unite desktop application that allows you to schedule, manage and start your webinars without opening Intermedia AnyMeeting web interface. 

To have this tab available, a user needs to have both Intermedia Unite and Intermedia AnyMeeting Webinar Pro or Enterprise package. To learn how to assign and upgrade Intermedia AnyMeeting packages, read the Getting Started With Intermedia AnyMeeting In HostPilotĀ® Control Panel article.

Intermedia Unite Webinar Dashboard Review

In Intermedia Unite Desktop Application, you can access Webinar Dashboard by clicking the projector screen icon on the left.


Webinar Dashboard allows to schedule a new webinar, start, edit or cancel the existing one, view information about scheduled webinars, and review webinar history. Also, you can send out email invitations and get its URL.


Scheduling a Webinar

Click Schedule in the Webinar Dashboard to start preparing a new webinar. A window will appear, prompting you to enter the name of your new webinar, the date it will take place, the time and duration of it, and the default time zone that will be displayed on the registration page. After filling in the required information, click Schedule


Your webinar will appear in the Webinar Dashboard along with the scheduled date and time it is planned to start on.


Sharing Webinar Info and Registration

After the Webinar is scheduled, you can start inviting attendees and presenters. This can be done in several different ways.

    • Invite  click this button under the Attendees or Presenters section to open a window that will allow you to send out email invitations. You can type in multiple emails in the email box, separating them by spaces. 

      Note: You can invite up to 3000 registrants and up to 12 presenters to your webinar, however, the number of online participants varies depending on your Intermedia AnyMeeting package.


      After you click Send Invitations, the number of invitations will be displayed in the same section. Your attendees or presenters will receive an email with a link to the webinar registration form that will look like this:


    • Join info — your webinar can be accessed via the URL or by dialing the number that is listed in the Join info section. You can copy this information to the clipboard by clicking Copy join info under the attendees or presenters section. The number and the URL will be the same for both presenters and attendees, however, the PIN will be different, so they will have different levels of access to the Webinar. After copying the Join info, you can paste it and send it to your webinar participants in any way you find convenient.

      Note: Join info doesn't allow users to register for the webinar. It will only allow them to join the webinar once it's already started.


    • Registration page — webinar attendees can register for your webinar via the registration form. You can copy the URL to it by clicking Registration page or the copy icon on the right. After copying the Registration form URL, you can paste it and send it to your webinar participants in any way you find convenient.


      On the registration form page, your participants will need to input their first and last name and their email address. After they fill in the form and click COMPLETE REGISTRATION, they will receive an email with registration confirmation, a URL to the webinar, and other webinar information. Also, they will be able to add the webinar to their Outlook calendar.


      You can customize the Registration form by clicking the pencil icon near the copy icon.


      Click here to review customizable elements.

      Header — custom text that will be displayed on the top of the registration form.


      Fields — here you can enable several address and marketing fields, which your attendees will be able to fill in while registering. You can also make them mandatory by checking checkboxes under Required column.


      Footer — here you can type in custom text that will be displayed on the bottom of the registration page, and also create Webinar terms of service if there will be any.

      Settings — here you can set up notifications for your attendees and yourself, create a limit of participants for the webinar and decide whether the webinar will be password protected or not. When done customizing the form, click Publish page on the Settings page and the form will be saved.

Editing Webinar Info

To edit your webinar info, select the corresponding webinar on the left, click the three dots button in the upper right corner of the Webinar Dashboard and select Edit details


A window will appear, allowing you to make changes to the title of your webinar, its timezone, planned time and date it will start on. Also, you can decide whether you want to notify your attendees about the change and send them a custom message. This message can be composed of up to 1000 symbols. When done modifying webinar info, click Save.


Practice and Starting a Webinar

Once your webinar is scheduled, you’ll be able to start it either on time or one hour prior to the scheduled time. Until then, the Start button will be greyed out. However, if you would like to prepare and explore the webinar interface, you can open it in practice mode up to one hour prior to the scheduled time by clicking the Practice button.


After you click this button, the webinar interface will open and you’ll be able to familiarize yourself with its features. Note that in Practice mode your webinar will run off-air and only presenters will be able to join it and practice. For attendees the webinar will be displayed as inactive. To go on air, click the GO ON AIR button. 


To quit practice mode, close the webinar window and choose End the webinar option. This will not take your webinar out of the schedule and you’ll be able to start it on time or run it in practice mode once again. 


Canceling a Webinar

To cancel your webinar, click the three dots button in the upper right corner of the Webinar Dashboard and select Cancel webinar


A window will appear, allowing you to decide whether you want to notify your attendees about the cancelation and send them a custom message. This message can be composed of up to 1000 symbols. When done, click Cancel webinar. If you changed your mind and don't want to cancel a webinar, click Cancel.


Webinar History

You can check information on your past webinars by clicking the Webinar history button in the right bottom corner of the Webinar Dashboard.


A new window will open, allowing you to browse through webinar history, see the date they’ve taken place on, their duration and lists of attendees. You can also see the reports and download webinar recordings here if there are any.