You are welcome to use the software only if it can be installed by placing files anywhere on the virtual server. If the software requires setup to be run on the server or any changes to the server configuration have to be made in order to run the software, we will not support it. (We can register additional MIME types on the server, if needed).

We support any standard ActiveX DLLs. The only restriction is that these DLLs must have valid typelib information (this can be build into the DLLs through an option in VB). Please be aware though, that software testing is prohibited on production servers. All scripts and components must be properly tested locally prior to being installed on live servers.

We allow custom DLL registration only on the advanced and preferred plans. You can register your own Active X DLL and OCX on these plans. First, you need to upload the DLL to your virtual server via FTP (you may place it anywhere outside of /Htdocs; /database is a good place for a DLL) and register it in HostPilot Control Panel under "Web/FTP Server > Web Server > ActiveX DLLs".

The only problem with Java-based DLLs could be that they may require additional components to be installed in the system path (which we do not support). Win32 is not supported on MS IIS servers. The HostPilot dll registration script doesn’t allow you to register a dll with existing name. For a list of preinstalled components, please refer to Knowledge Base Article 624.

Intermedia policy is not to install any 3rd-party software which is not explicitly listed on our web site in the Plan Comparison section on production servers.