1. In order to add users to SharePoint services 2003 site, you need first create users in "HostPilot Control Panel > Web/FTP Server > Web Server > Site Users".

2. When users are created, you need to add those users to SharePoint. It can be done in "HostPilot Control Panel > Web/FTP Server > Web Server > Website Tools > SharePoint Services > Manage"  by clicking "Manage SharePoint" button.

2.1. Under “Top-level Site Administration”   > Users and Permissions section select Manage users . You will see your account Username added as “ServerName”\”Username” with Administrator role. Please remember your “ServerName”.

2.2. Press “Add Users”.

2.3. In “Step 1: Choose Users” section please type  “Servername\SiteUserName” (specify the name of Site User you have just created in #1 and “ServerName” from #2.1).

2.4. In “Step 2: Choose Site Groups”  choose the site groups  (permissions) for your SharePoint User.  Press Next.

2.5. In “Step 3: Confirm Users”  specify e-mail address and Display Name for your SharePoint User (optional).

2.6. In “Step 4: Send E-mail” you can send a message to  your SharePoint User (optional).

2.7. Press Finish. You will see your SharePoint User added to “Manage users” list.