There are couple of limitations about using CFCACHE tag:

  • CFCache requires CFObject tag to be enabled on your server. By default, CFObject is enabled only on ColdFusion 4.5, 5, and 8 Servers. If you are on the Server with ColdFusion MX or MX 7 and you wish to use CFCache tag, please submit case to Intermedia Technical Support containing formal request to enable CFObject tag.
  • According to ColdFusion documentation, all attributes that are used in this tag are optional. However you will need to use directory attribute in your scripts, because by default the directory attribute is set to cfroot/cache folder where your application does not have write permissions.


If METHOD attribute of CFHTTP tag is set to GET, please do not use CFHTTP.FileContent variable as it will not work as supposed to (due to security restrictions on Shared Web Server). Instead, read the downloaded file using CFFILE tag from the location you have specified in the CFHTTP PATH attribute. Or, please use PATH and FILE attributes in CFHTTP tag to explicitly specify where files should be created.


  1. If METHOD attribute of CFHTTP tag is set to POST, CFHTTP.FileContent variable works fine and can be used to retrieve data.
  2. In case you need to grant Anonymous user permissions to Write/Change to the special directory (PATH to these temporary files) please submit the Write Access For Anonymous User request via the Extended Services portal.


A special server should be specified in the SERVER attribute. For the detailed instructions please see the How To Send Mails From Websites? article.


To use CFQUERY tag you should create an ODBC Data Source for your database. For the detailed instructions please navigate to How To Add ODBC Data Sources (DSN) On Windows 2003 Account? article.

The basic format for CFQUERY is like this:

<CFQUERY NAME="myQueryName" DATASOURCE="DSNname" USERNAME="username" PASSWORD="password">

The username and password are used only if required.


When you create a ColdFusion Scheduled Tasks using the CFSCHEDULE tag, setting it to execute in 1 or 2 min from now will not work, as for the task to execute successfully, the date and time must be set at least 15 minutes in the future.

This is behavior by design, please refer to ColdFusion documentation for details.  


If you are getting timeouts on your ColdFusion pages you may use the CFSETTING tag placed at the beginning of the .cfm script to override the default Server value:

<cfsetting requestTimeout = #URL.RequestTimeout#>